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On this page we have collected some aspects of why it is worth to spend your holiday in Vila Caju. By the way, Vila Caju means "village of cashews", because the area used to be part of a cashew farm.

Easy communication

We (= this is the german-brazilian management of Vila Caju) love to stay in personal contact with our guests from around the world, so that they are well looked after. Either we are present at Vila Caju too, or you can reach us via internet (Contact form on this website / Email / Skype). Seven days a week and in three languages​​: English, German, Portuguese. We are happy to answer any questions that are not answered here - just let us know.

Eye candy

Beauty and aesthetics are important to us. Thus, from the design and installation of the accommodation over the architecture of the pool and breakfast lounge up to designing and planting the garden we put every effort to create a beautiful environment.


Too often, unfortunately, many brazilian Pousadas just stand the optical test. When you touch things they fall apart or prove to be impractical in use. When we constructed Vila Caju, we focused on quality, stability and function of all the elements. Of course this has its price when buying or building, but then again our guests and we constantly enjoy the comfort of living in Vila Caju. Here is a small selection:

  • All windows, doors, wooden columns, etc. are made of the heavy, super strong and beautiful (certified) Jatoba wood.
  • Our tiles have a rough special surface that is absolutely non-slippery for wet feet.
  • All accommodations have a concrete ceiling. This has two pleasant consequences:
    1) This way the zoo of brazilian small animals remains outside, opposing the frequently encountered "open roof" that gives access for them
    2) Thus, the sun heats the air only in the space under the tile roof, which then sucks in fresh cooler air, thus our accommodations remain relatively cool even with air conditioning turned off.
  • All entrance doors have "german" thresholds (I had to make a drawing for our construction company and explain - a novelty in Brazil :-)). So the access under the front door remains blocked for small animals.
  • The massive granite vanity tops in the bathrooms are a visual highlight and also convenient as they do not pollute or crumble like so many other solutions, you will come across in the country.

Comfortable beds

We have large queensize double beds with super comfortable orthopedic mattresses. We just hate ourselves to sleep somewhere where you wake up with back pain.

Good showers

Our showers are fed (buffered by a 3,000 liters tank in the water tower) from our own water source. Since we did not save at the height of the water tower, the showers have a lot of pressure and there is no ridiculous dribble like in some other pousadas. The water heater in the showers are grounded with solid copper spears, so you are well prevented from electrical shock, when operating the multi-stage heat switch.

Tasty breakfast

Breakfast is included in the room rates. You can also book additional breakfasts for your friends as an extra, just tell the staff the day before. Our service manager is a trained cook and she looks forward to spoiling you. There is coffee and fresh fruit juices, fresh bread, cheese, ham, homemade jams, homemade cakes and lots of sugar-sweet ripe fruits of the region. You can order scrambled or fried eggs, omelettes, couscous or stuffed tapioca (cassava flour patties), which are then prepared fresh for you.

Good service

The accommodations are cleaned daily. Several times a week you get a set of fresh towels and fresh sheets. For an extra fee, you can use our laundry service, which returns the dried and folded clothes on the next day.

Great swimming pool

Vila Caju supplies a beautiful swimming pool (4 x 8m) with spacious sun deck. It providedes entertainment and refreshment for the whole family. Especially surfers appreciate if the rest of the family can stay away from the flying sand and shorebreak in a safe, comfortable place for swimming. The big old caju trees provide a natural shade on some part of the sun deck (so there are no flying umbrellas when the trade winds are kind to us!).

Huge Trampoline

A professional trampoline (diameter 4.25 m - up to three adults) provides entertainment and fitness for the whole family.

Lots of space inside and outside

The buildings in Vila Caju are widely distributed on the 1,600 m2 plot. This guarantees our guests a high level of privacy and plenty of space to relax or play. Even with the architecture of the accommodation we never skimp on space, because we hate to feel like canned sardines or for example hit the elbows in the shower. All units in Vila Caju are built spacious, light and airy.

Garden wall and security

The massive enclosing walls prevent snakes and other unwanted animals, to enter our garden. Also the electric fence helps to keep away the (in Gostoso now unfortunately increasing) burglaries and thefts.


All outlets in Vila Caju have 220 V.

Free Internet

All accommodations in Vila Caju are in the range of our wireless internet / WiFi, which is free of charge for our guests.

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